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Graphic Design, Photo Retouching, Typography, Iconography, Editing Copywriting

Tiger 21 is an elite membership group for individuals in the top 5% who have acquired wealth and would like guidance on how to best invest their assets for both professional and personal purposes. I was asked to elevate the design of their information booklet (mailed to all new members). The previous booklet had a very formulaic approach: Picture of a member, quote from the member, black page with white text and repetitive information. It was also stapled. I was asked to give the book a cleaner look and make sure it was reflective of the companies mission.  I was not, however, allowed to change the logo (something I really wanted to do). My solution was to condense the information (larger titles, less repetitive description), take away the single member photos and use event photos instead (since Tiger 21 is all about community). I added a light opaque filter to these. I also used the logo in a new way (the spiral from the inside of the original logo became the line graphic used throughout. Lastly, I paired everything with a white marble theme- lightening the previous black page from before. The book is perfect bound - no staples! 

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