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Establish a point of view and brand identity through strong content, color, texture, product placement and education


•  Add contact information to bio

•  Product should make viewer feel hungry

•  Promotions

•  In-store events, new products

•  Combine product with Art Noveu and Art          Deco New York: emphasize Li-Lic's roots

•  Add factory shots occasionally

•  In between posts, post fun facts about             chocolate and history of New York &               chocolate.


Keep in the theme of purple, with sub colors of black, beige and neutrals. Throw in splashes of color with a higher intensity occasionally.

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li lac instagram carousel with explanati


Photography, Food Styling, Chocolate and NYC Research

Li-Lac Chocolates is New York City's oldest chocolate company. With locations throughout Manhattan, and most recently in Brooklyn, this charming chocolate company continues to make its mark on the NYC food scene. I was given the opportunity to discuss a potential social media, design, marketing and training role for the company. I did my research and felt that their Instagram was lacking in comparison to their competition, so I pitched them the above idea. The owner liked this, especially the idea of including the packaging in their photos. Though I did not accept the role, I enjoyed 'designing' a possible feed for social media and I truly hope it helped the company grow in their digital presence. 

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