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Store_KHLS_EV FLAGSHIP_2_smaller.jpg


Kiehl's Since 1851
Branding, Graphic Design, Digital, Production

The Kiehl's Heritage Lobby is a museum-like space devoted to the history of Kiehl's.

It is the original entrance to the original (flagship) store. Interactive touch screens, moving products, Aaron Morse's motorcycle jacket and even an Original Musk mist are all displayed in this space. 

My role was to design all two-dimensional pieces around these iconic items. Below are images of the entire space including the signs, backdrops and touchscreens I worked on:

Store_KHLS_EV FLAGSHIP_1.1_smaller.jpg
Store_KHLS_EV FLAGSHIP_3.1_smaller.jpg
Store_KHLS_EV FLAGSHIP_4_smaller.jpg
Store_KHLS_EV FLAGSHIP_2_smaller.jpg
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