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louise card final.jpg


Lettering, Photo Retouching, Design

I created this card for my favorite designer, Louise Fili, who has played a very important part in my design journey. The text is based off the below Fotos Lopez script. The flourishes pay homage to the flourishes seen in many of Louise's designs. The leaves represent my desire to grow and learn as much as I can. The pineapples represent hospitality; an industry that I have always loved and one that Louise primarily designs for.


Please read on to see the lettering process. 


The script of the Fotos Lopez sign was the inspiration and idea for this design

hello photoshopped more square.jpg


One of my first ideas was to photoshop the original image to say the message I wanted ("Hello"). Obviously, I wanted to keep the beautiful swirl of the "L", but I also wanted it to be clear that this design stemmed from this photograph. I loved the texture and color of the background. The longer I mulled this over, however, the more I saw how little it featured my lettering. In the end, I went back to the drawing board and used the photoshopped text as a base for the next next round of sketches.


Many sketches later, I had an idea I felt strongly about. These are two sketches coming closer to the final product.

hello sketch_edited.jpg
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